Learn more about adopting pets from HAVA. Check out the information below!

Kittens (under one year) – $175
Adult cats (1-10 years) – $125
Senior cats (10+ years) – $75

Puppies (under one year) – $225
Adult dogs (over a year) – $175

  • Select vaccinations. Vaccinations need to be updated regularly as instructed by your family vet. All pets are vaccinated prior to adoption and a vaccine history will be provided at the time of adoption.
  • Spay or neuter surgery. It’s part of our commitment to reducing the population of unwanted and homeless animals.
  • Microchip ID and national registration. Microchips are registered and updated with current contact information at the time of adoption. This information can be updated anytime by creating an account on the website for the pet’s microchip.

Adopters will also be asked to purchase a few necessary items before picking up their new family member. These items include a collar and leash for dogs and a carrier for cats. If you don’t have a carrier to pick up your cat, if available, HAVA will have a pet carrier available for purchase.

The City of Raymond and the City of South Bend both require you to register your dog. You can do so for a nominal fee on their website or in person at City Hall. Licensing fees are not included in the adoption fees.

Cats are not required to be registered with the city.

Many of our pets are from right here in our community. They may be stray or lost, or surrendered by a family who can no longer care for them.

Some of our animals may arrive at HAVA through our transport program! HAVA has partnerships with other shelters and rescues. Transporting animals provides an opportunity to find homes for many animals from other facilities that are overcrowded and cannot care for them. We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide a second chance to these animals in need. 

While staying at HAVA, we feed pets high-quality Hill’s pet food through Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love Program. Providing a consistent diet of premium, healthy pet food supports general animal health, reduces digestive issues, and allows adopters to maintain their pet’s diet. We can assist with more information about pet food and diets at the time of adoption. 

Please complete our adoption application online or visit the shelter during regular business hours. Paper applications are available but could delay the adoption process.

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