The Dignity Endowment is a fund HAVA established to assist qualified low-income people with euthanizing a pet when they are elderly, ill, or injured; that is the best or only recourse for the pet.

The average cost of euthanasia in Pacific County is $65 for a cat, and will vary by weight for dogs, $75-175. There are additional fees of $10-25 per pet, depending upon what an owner chooses to do with the body. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer assistance with cremation, as the goal of this fund is to make sure no animal has to suffer.

We hope you will join us in helping our community pets leave this world without prolonged pain. This is one of the final and best, gifts we are able to provide our beloved companions when it’s time.


  1. Review the qualifications below to make sure you qualify.
  2. Submit an application. (one for each pet)
  3. Mail your “income proof” & co-pay payment to:
    PO BOX 243
    Raymond, WA 98577
  4. You will be notified when you have been approved and HAVA will provide you with a voucher.
  5. Contact one of our approved vets to schedule the appointment
  6. Procedure is performed and the vet will bill HAVA for the euthanasia fee.
    HAVA does not cover any additional costs.


This program is limited to pet owners who are financially unable to pay to euthanize their pet. You must meet the following household income qualifications in order to qualify. You will need to mail a copy of your “proof of income” to HAVA. Our mailing address is PO BOX 243, Raymond, WA 98577. If you are not sure if you qualify, please call us at (360) 942-4716 and we will let you know.

People in
Max yearly income to qualify
1 $18,000
2 $24,000
3 $30,000


  • Wage Statement/Paycheck Stub
  • SSI/SSDI Statement
  • Approval Letter for Cash Aid
  • Approval Letter for DSHS Medical Coupons
  • Unemployment Statement
  • L & I Statement
  • Approval Letter for Food Stamps


Country Pet Vet: 300 Parpala Rd Naselle (360) 484-7228
Vetters Animal Hospital: 2400 Ocean Ave Raymond (360) 942-3440
Willapa Veterinary Services – Raymond: 230 Ocean Ave Raymond (360) 942-2321
Willapa Veterinary Services – Grayland: 2012 State Road 105 Grayland (360) 267-4444 



Dignity Endowment Application

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