Kittens and ‘The Moment’

The images below come from one of our foster homes.

We love cats. Make no mistake about that. Cats respond to genuine love and care with reciprocity. They are loving and caring animals. Even “feral” cats, that ostensibly are wary of human contact, provide parental attention, protection, and care to their offspring that many humans would do well to take notes from.

That’s why these images of kittens who have come under our care are so precious.

Purposeful spontaneity. (Cha Cha)

All of the kittens that we received are less than 2 lbs when they arrived, many are less than 1 lb. 2 lbs is important because spaying or neutering procedures cannot be performed until the kitten has reached that milestone, at which point they can be adopted.

A good blanket wrap is good for both the kitty and holder.

Arguably, in addition to being dependent on loving caregivers, kittens are cutest at this stage of life.

Multitasking “win/win” for everyone.

the care that fosters give kittens at this early stage of life influences their receptivity to human care the rest of their lives.


Kittens bond to each other, and to their caregivers.

Kittens will guarantee that what you put your love into for them, will be used and appreciated.

The investment of love given to the well-being of kittens, when recognized, is always returned.